January 1st, 2010

by blythe


I do not own any of the characters and do not know any of the real people contained in these stories. They are used without permission but with respect.

[about the stories]

Here be adult themes: that might be sex, but it also might be violence or politics or blatant misuse of popular culture. Early works may induce insulin shock. Caveat reader. If you are underage, don't read things you shouldn't.

rating: Let's be honest. [x] is a porn indicator, that's all. The definition of porn, however, is entirely under my jurisdiction.

tags: dc comics : harry potter : lotrips : rpf : not fanfic

characters: replace character with (e.g.) draco in the following: http://byblythe.livejournal.com/tag/character

organisation: by fandom, mostly chronological--newest stories at top.

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